Rudy James Milante was born in Orange County, California. From an early age, Rudy always had a pencil and paper in his back pocket ready to sketch. Growing up, he was inspired by his parents, who were creative artists in their own rights. His father, Rudolfo, created furniture and assembled engines as hobbies. His mother, Diana, had a passion for knitting and macramé crafts when not working or raising her family. Once Rudy started to create his own art, he used multiple mediums. Such artwork includes soldering metals for jewelry, repurposing cigar boxes to build guitars, and utilizing concrete, stones, and marble to create unique sculptures. At the age of 29, he discovered oil paints and started developing his painting career. In 1998, Rudy moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to join the expansive artist community. In 2001, Rudy continued his art journey and has participated in numerous exhibits throughout Northern and Southern California. In 2014, Rudy moved to the Glen Park district of San Francisco. He is currently living both in Northern and Southern California and now travels back and forth frequenty. Rudy’s expressionistic art depicts a playful vibrancy of movement with spontaneous splashes of life and color. His diverse heritage and culturally-rich travels have inspired his latest paintings and elicit an enlightened and soulful edge.


2021 Nov 20,

One Man's Vision 823 W. Colton Ave, Redlands


Adorn Gallery 610 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 

2016 Sep, 28,

Serenity UCSF  San Francisco Ca,


Arc Gallery 1246 Folsom St. San Francisco Ca,


ArtspanSF, San Francisco Ca,


111 Minna Gallery St. San Francisco Ca,


Caffe Lucca 8465 Cabrillo Highway in Montara.