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Let's Work Together

We work with individuals ranging from new collectors to seasoned ones. We represent our clients and work on their behalf to build art collection that are meaningful and relevant TO their taste and SPACE and that gain financial value over time. Representing YOU AS our client guarantees our impartial approach in our suggestions for YOUR artWORK. We believe in developing dialogues that make YOU our client strong participants, not merely bystanders of the cultural conversation, taking YOU FROM START TO COMPLETION OF THE PROSESS, SHOWING YOU THE studio to share our knoth andwledge with YOU THE CLIENT TO empower YOUR options AND educate YOU about tHE ARTIST WORK.

Rudy Milante will personally come out to your location meet with you and talk to you about the placement, colors, composition and size of your new artwork. The artwork will be one of a kind and designed specifically for your space.

  • Custom-made artists commissions: painting, sculptures, custom fabrication installations in VIRIETY OF mediumS.

  • Coordination of special access to ART SHOWS,EXIBITONS, viewings of artists’ studio.

  • Documentation OF ARTIST WORK: Certificate of Authenticity

  • Coordination of framing and shipping


These are some of the services that we offer to YOU our private clients:

Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

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